iaroslav zhmak

Cooktime - is social network for
the amateurs of the cookery.


With Cooktime app you will improve your cooking skills. You can create and share your recipes with worldwide users. There are a lot of new recipes for you from different users. Also, Cooktime team prepares an unique recipes for users every day.



The details of the recipe and step by step instruction
for effective cooking different dishes.

add recipe 

The process of adding divides on 3 steps, that enable
not to miss  important details of recipe.


Navigation includes the most necessary sections and gives access to them.

user profile 

There is information about user in profile and you can manage your data
Choose the most necessary recipes through filter.
The activity feed shows the last actions and news.
Find interesting people for yourself and follow them.

Unique recipes 

Cooktime team prepares a lot of recipes
for you every day


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