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pay on behalf

The next step in mobile banking.
Pay on behalf of others and even more.

how does it work? 

Pay oMB works by linking your mobile number to your bank account.
That is simple. No more long codes and sharing account details.

Seller sends an incoming 
request by your phone number.
Pay oMB lets you check the name of the person
you're paying, so you can be sure you're sending
it to the right place.
You have two options:
1. Confirm this request, and app will confirm your payment
has been sent right away.
2. Send this request to third party to pay for you.
This person will see that it is done
from your phone number, and the purchase description.

Upon payment confirmation both you and the seller will receive a confirmation that payment has been made. The withdrawal will be made from the account of the person you asked to pay on your behalf.
Receive this pay on behalf request in your mobile banking. You see who requested this payment along with information about purchase and seller.

Pay oMB for business 

Simplifies the accounting of corporate costs and reimbursement of expenses for business trips and other events, no more pin code sharing or dozens of corporate cards.
Create an event in the app
and add all employees who
will participate by simply selecting
them by their phone.
Set a daily limit on
costs per employee.
Instead of providing cash or corporate cards, employees use Pay oMB to send a request to pay on your behalf. A payment will be made from your account while linking it to the employee who requested it. In case the total is inline with daily limit, payment could be done automatically.
Check nice reports in the app
about spending costs per event,
and no more bills for bookkeeping.

And even more

You can use pay on behalf for urgent needs. For example, being a director of the construction company, your foreman could request a payment for the additional materials, so payment will bemade from your account which simplifies accounting and reduces decision making time.

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The next step in mobile banking
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